Nature vs. Nurture

May we please put to rest the idea, founded by John B. Watson in the 1920′s and enhanced by B.F. Skinner in the 1960′s–70′s that there is nothing more to our identities that environmental factors?

This notion has been refuted time and time again by adoptees who were siblings separated at birth.  There is an indigenous, genetic identity and some say, including the humanist Carl Rogers, an inherent desire to actualize.  If we need further proof, here is the story of Indonesian twins, adopted by different Swedish parents, who reunited thirty years later to learn that they have both become teachers, both married on the same day one year apart, and both danced to the same song.

Some of these coincidences may be explained through current trends–like the song for example– but what about the choice of profession?  This suggests innate talents and capacities that were similar; and if you need more proof than this, I think you may have to sit in a room with reunited siblings to watch movements, gestures, expressions and things we find humorous.

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