Orphans and Al Queda


Louise Bourgeois, A l’infini.

It turns out that Al Queda has been recruiting orphans as suicide bombers. And why not? They apparently have no value to their life, or so that is what it seems. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/03/31/anti-adoption-traditions-in-the-muslim-world-benefit-al-qaeda-recruiters.html How can we reach into orphanages to change the way children see themselves, if they feel no one wants them, or, as is in the case in many parts of the world, some couples are ineligible to adopt them, because of their sexual orientation.

This disgrace, of exploiting a sense of worthlessness, and I might add fearlessness, is revolting. Where is UNICEF or the governing bodies concerned with the welfare of orphans in international orphanages? The incongruities, while mind boggling, can start to be made up for by accessing orphanages, opening them to inspection toward better conditions, education and instilling a sense of entitlement for the lives of their inhabitants. If they can believe in Al Queda, they can believe in themselves, with proper training and exposure to caring. One brings life; the other brings death.

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