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D. Dewey

Peel off the labels

Think of all the labels associated with adoptees: abandonment complex, lack of attachment, numbing of emotions, reactivity, identity issues, attention deficiencies, and loss; these just for starters. We concentrate on these, the problem labels. What then would be the solution labels? We discover these while asking, how have we come… Read more…

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A worthy article on Adoption’s Ten Things

Have a look at the enclosed Tweet appearing on Huffpost 15 Jan. 13, by adoptee and therapist Lesli Johnson: This article acknowledges and articulates much of what may be glossed over in adoption — important implications for the child which need to be understood by an adoptive parent, loved-one,… Read more…

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Louise Bourgeois, A l'infini.

Orphans and Al Queda

  It turns out that Al Queda has been recruiting orphans as suicide bombers. And why not? They apparently have no value to their life, or so that is what it seems. How can we reach into orphanages to change the way children see themselves, if they feel no… Read more…

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