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Meaning making and adolescent suicide attempts:  Adoptees over-represented in adolescent suicide attempts.  Why?

“Suicidal behavior is often considered a cry for help and above all a cry of pain (Scoliers, et al., 2009).  But we feel that it is essential to find the latent meaning of this unbearable pain” (de Kernier, 2012).  “We call the infans the frightened, idealized, and speechless part of oneself subjugated to parental projections.  Indeed infans, the root of the word infant, in Latin literally means “one who does not speak.  Unknowingly, adolescents are engaged in processing their personal relationships to the infans in themselves (Roman, 2005) – the child in themselves, unable to express their own desires and still depending on parental ideals” (de Kernier, 2012).  Hidden meanings may require arts and narrative therapy, or journaling for retrieval that benefits adoptee adolescents.  Acceptance and approval are key elements to receive from family.  Only the person her or his self can banish shame found in adoptees, but bringing in self love, being good to oneself, and not letting control of oneself go  — in other words keep, rather than relinquish, oneself.

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