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Louise Bourgeois, A l'infini.

Orphans and Al Queda

  It turns out that Al Queda has been recruiting orphans as suicide bombers. And why not? They apparently have no value to their life, or so that is what it seems. How can we reach into orphanages to change the way children see themselves, if they feel no… Read more…

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Adoption by Lesbian and Gay Couples: Worldwide?

According to a 2006 report, LGBT World Legal Wrap Up Survey, compiled by Daniel Ottosson, ILGA (copyright 2006 ILGA, International Lesbian and Gay Association), “Countries which allow same-sex couples to jointly adopt children; Andorra, Iceland, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and some parts of Australia, Canada and United States. Denmark,… Read more…

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The Legacy Project

Check out the Legacy Project, and the two talented photographers Suzanne Sheriden and Rozanne Gates who produce fantastic autobiographical statements.  If you are learning about your background and wish to document your new knowledge with photos of  yourself and ‘new’ family members, contact Suzanne and Roz.  They’re friends of BEAM… Read more…

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