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Adoption by Lesbian and Gay Couples: Worldwide?

According to a 2006 report, LGBT World Legal Wrap Up Survey, compiled by Daniel Ottosson, ILGA (copyright 2006 ILGA, International Lesbian and Gay Association), “Countries which allow same-sex couples to jointly adopt children; Andorra, Iceland, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and some parts of Australia, Canada and United States. Denmark,… Read more…

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Out of the clear blue, Diane’s birth father contacted her ten years ago. What has that meant for their lives, and for her birth mother’s family? Understand adoption from the point of view of someone who is adopted, experienced, educated, and has re-unified with her birth families. Diane Dewey is… Read more…



“The dynamics of a family created by adoption are different from the dynamics of a family created by birth”  (Atkinson & Gonet, 2007).  That does not mean we are stuck.  BEAM is about changing the difference between the way we might be and the way we are.  BE / AM.… Read more…

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